Where to Get Fresh Fruits in Marikina | Top 4 Palengkes, Groceries, an

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Where to Get Fresh Fruits in Marikina | Top 4 Palengkes, Groceries, and Online Deliveries for the Freshest Picks


Among the countless places to get fresh fruits in Marikina are many groceries, several palengkes, and dozens of online stores. Most really just sell the same varieties of fruits, but provide a huge difference in terms of convenience, location, and freshness of products, among many factors in your shopping experience.

Whether you prefer the convenience and variety of your local supermarkets, the cherished tradition of the palengke with its vibrant, community-driven marketplace, or the charm of weekend markets offering a delightful range of fresh, locally sourced fruits, there's a warm and welcoming option for anyone looking for a convenient source for their fresh fruits.

Check out which of these top choices in Marikina would fit your fruit shopping needs the most!


1) Marikina Public Market

Marikina Public Market offers a unique selection of fresh produce. It is a haven for local flavors and freshly picked fruits, thanks to its daily restocking of products sourced directly from the province. This immediacy ensures you can enjoy the crispiest apples, juiciest mangoes, and the freshest local fruit flavors, making the bustling crowds and sweltering humidity worthwhile.

2) All Day Supermarket

If you’re looking for a more premium and convenient grocery shopping experience, All Day Supermarket is certainly hard to miss. While palengkes promise farm-fresh produce, supermarkets stand out for their comfortable, organized, and air-conditioned shopping experience, sparing you from navigating crowded spaces and enduring the heat. Supermarkets have transformed grocery and fresh produce shopping into a hassle-free experience, making them an integral part of the city's fruit-shopping landscape.

3) SM City Marikina

SM City Marikina has also become a preferred choice for Marikina residents seeking the freshest fruits. This supermarket has set a new standard for fruit shopping with its organized and air-conditioned atmosphere making your grocery shopping experience a delight.

Alternative: Have your fruits delivered online


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Picture this: You're in Marikina eyeing to get your fruits from the palengke, but the crowds, heat, and wetness? Not your thing. Or maybe you’re thinking about going to the supermarket, but your taste buds demand wider and fresher fruit selections. Well, you don't have to choose between convenience, freshness, or wide selections – you can have it all with Safe Select! 

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So, where should you shop for your fresh fruits?

Remember, it’s all about you – and what you prefer. Whether you’re the kind of person who prefers to be among the familiar hustle and bustle of your local palengke, or one who prefers air-conditioned convenience found in supermarkets, your fruit-shopping experience shouldn’t be tiresome. 

But if you want the best of both worlds - convenience and comfort while shopping but without compromising on the freshness of your produce - then maybe it’s time to give Safe Select a try. 

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