Safe Select's Promise - 100% Guaranteed Fresh

Here at Safe Select, we promise to serve you with the gold standard of freshness every time. We believe that keeping our valuable customers happy & satisfied is the key to maintaining a trustworthy brand. Our service is here to offer you peace of mind, knowing that you'll always receive high-quality, fresh food to serve to your family.

Everything you order at Safe Select is 100% Guaranteed Fresh upon delivery, no matter where you are in our serviceable areas. Here's how we ensure this:

  • on-demand sourcing of products
    • unlike most groceries and online stores who need to finish all the stocks on their shelves, we never store our fresh products
    • this allows us to hand-pick from the freshest stocks that arrive at the palengke each morning
  • strict quality checks
    • our hardworking staff conducts two strict quality checks before packing your orders for delivery
    • weights of all items are individually double-checked to make sure that you get what you paid for
  • careful packaging
    • proper packing and arrangement of products ensure that soft products do not get squished by heavier ones
    • seafood and meats are packed tightly, with labels (name of the seafood/meat cut & weight) for your added convenience
  • air-conditioned delivery
    • using air-conditioned vehicles helps the produce stay fresh during transit
    • fresh seafood, meat, and frozen products are kept in styrofoam boxes with ice to keep them fresh during transit

These are only some of the protocols our staff practices to ensure that your family's food will arrive fresh at your doorstep.


If for any reason though, some of our products do not arrive to you fresh, then our friendly customer service is here to make up for it. Again, all of our products are 100% Guaranteed Fresh! If we deliver anything that does not meet your standards, then we will happily refund it without a fuss.

Our no-questions-asked guarantee applies for 8 hours from delivery. Due to the fresh nature of our products, any refund claims made after 8 hours will be subject to our own discretion. So please check your items once they arrive! Don't worry though, we'll still do our best to accommodate you. In either case, please do send us a photo of the product to help us discuss with our team and improve for the future.

Refunds may be processed through a credit voucher which you can use for future orders, or a direct refund via BDO, BPI, or GCash. Please allow us 3 days to process the refund.


If you would like to make a refund claim, just contact our customer support (along with a photo of the item) through any of the following: