If You Hate Going To The Palengke, Here’s Where To Get Your Fresh Seaf

Guaranteed Palengke-Fresh

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Guaranteed Palengke-Fresh

Free Delivery Above ₱4,000

Trusted by 2,000+ Sukis

If You Hate Going To The Palengke, Here’s Where To Get Your Fresh Seafood Instead


Various fresh seafood on a wooden board


Imagine the freshest seafood you had. Where did you eat it? 

Perhaps, you’re dining at one of those Chinese restaurants where the seafood is kept alive in an aquarium, or you’re vacationing at the beach one summer day and decide to eat at a local paluto or seafood restaurant.

Both scenarios have one thing in common: the seafood is fresh because they’re freshly caught shortly before they are served to you.  

What’s more, besides having a better taste than frozen ones, fresh seafood is also a healthier choice.

You can get the most nutritional benefits from fresh seafood since some frozen and packaged seafood can contain additives that you might want to avoid.

Different kinds of seafood placed on plates and displayed in the market

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who sells the freshest of them all?

But… to get the freshest seafood, you’ll have to buy it from the best place that sells it. 

Of course, it’s no secret that the freshest seafood is only found in the palengke.

Whatever kind of fresh ingredient you’re looking for, you can find it in the palengke. The place is known for its gold standard when it comes to freshness since the produce, meat and seafood available there are sourced daily.

Undoubtedly, the palengke sets the bar when it comes to the freshness of your ingredients, especially your seafood. 

A man selling seafood to a female shopper at the grocery

Why do most people shop in the grocery instead?

While palengke has the freshest seafood, you may still think — just like most people — that going to palengke is not a walk in the park.

In some cases, the local palengke is not as near as your go-to grocery store, so traveling to the palengke might be more inconvenient than you want it to be.

The palengke, though known for the freshness of its seafood, meat & produce, may fall short in meeting your expectations for comfort. 

People shopping at the wet market

Palengke or wet markets, with its slippery and muddy floors, can be a bit humid and dirtier than air-conditioned groceries.

Similarly, while some people are accustomed to the pungent smell coming from all the various products in the palengke, it may be a little too much for others.

Going to the palengke and personally picking the ingredients may be a joy for others but may also be a struggle for some. 

It can definitely get confusing to pick the freshest seafood in an array of choices, especially if you’re not familiar with the signs that can help you identify the ones that are fresh and the ones that are not.

Overall, the palengke can be a different experience for everyone. Regardless whether one enjoys it or not, you can look forward to getting your freshest seafood here.

But what if you don’t like going to the palengke?

With all the hassle that may come with going to the palengke, it’s completely understandable if you dislike palengke-shopping.

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