How Should I Cook My Steak?: Differences between grilling, pan-frying, and oven-baking

Everyone loves steak. Who wouldn’t? Its exquisitely rich flavor and aroma never fails to excite our taste buds. But, we all have different preferences when it comes to steak. Some people love the rich smoky flavor of charcoal grilled steak while others prefer the buttery texture of a pan-seared steak. So, listed below are three cooking methods for steak to achieve the best steak depending on your preferences:


What to Expect: Pure tasting juicy steak w/ a hint of smoky flavor (when using charcoal)

If you like a pure tasting steak, grilling is the best method for you! Grilling is the classic method to cook steak and is said to be the best one. This method gives the purest tasting steak as it uses the steak’s natural fats and juices for flavor.

Prepare your grill and make sure it’s hot before you put your steak on it. Cook the steak on each side based on how well you want it prepared. 

The best cuts of beef for this method are tenderloin steak, sirloin steak, ribeye steak, t-bone, prime rib, and flank steak. 


What to Expect: Rich, buttery steak with brown and crisp surface 

Are you a fan of the steak with a buttery taste and aroma? We suggest you pan-fry your steak! Pan-frying gives the perfect browning and crust for your steak. This method allows the surface of the steak to sizzle in rich butter and its own juice, giving the impeccable buttery taste and aroma.

Cook over high-heat and in a few minutes you have a delicious and juicy steak for dinner!

The best cuts of beef for this method are tenderloin steak, sirloin steak, ribeye steak, rump, t-bone, flank steak.


What to Expect: Tender and juicy steak with caramelized crust

Willing to take an extra step to achieve that superb tender-juicy steak? Try oven baking! Many steakhouses use this method to get the steak’s desired doneness– brown and caramelized exterior with a tender and juicy texture on the inside.

To achieve the perfect oven-baked steak, we suggest to quickly sear the steak over a very HOT pan before baking it in the oven. For thick-cut steaks like El Primero USDA Angus Choice Ribeye, 10 minutes in the oven (with 450°F temperature) is enough to get your steak ready to eat. 

The best cuts of beef for this method are prime rib, sirloin roast, ribeye roast, whole tenderloin roast.

These are the different cooking methods for your steak. Ready to try out a different cooking method? Order El Primero Steaks at Safe Select PH for the finest steak cuts of AUS and USDA beef. Don’t make a mistake and miss out on this opportunity, order now!