6 Brilliant Storage Hacks to Keep Your Vegetables Fresh for Longer

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6 Brilliant Storage Hacks to Keep Your Vegetables Fresh for Longer

Are you able to keep your vegetables fresh before they are served at your family's dinner table? Do not fret! These brilliant storage hacks will help you keep them fresh for longer without any nutrient loss! 

Store your fruits and vegetables separately.

fruits and vegetables storage

Certain fruits, such as apples and bananas, release high levels of ethylene. Production of this gas causes fruits and vegetables in contact with it to undergo senescence or to ripen quickly. Thus, shortening the shelf life of your produce. Reduce the problem by storing fruits and veggies in their own separate compartments whether that may be in the fridge or on separate countertop areas.

Store an apple alongside your potatoes.

apples and potatoes

On the contrary, adding an apple to your stash of potatoes keeps it fresh for longer. The same ethylene gas found in the apple prevents the potato from sprouting.

Remove the tops from your carrots and beets.

carrots without stalks or stems

The phrase “beauty is but skin deep” also applies to carrots and beets! Although their leafy green stems make them look more attractive, these stems actually reduce the nutrients in these root crops by absorbing these nutrients for themselves even when they are being stored.

Cucumbers should not be kept cool.

cucumbers on the countertop

Cucumbers fare better at room temperature. After three days in the fridge, they begin to suffer "cold injury" (signs of wateriness, pitting on the outside, and decay), so it is better to store them on countertops.

Wrap celery in aluminum foil.

chopped celery

Celery wrapped in foil keeps it crisp and fresh, rather than limp and soggy.

Place your green, leafy vegetables in a storage container with paper towels.

green leafy vegetables

Transfer fresh greens into a plastic storage container lined with paper towels. Add another layer of paper towels above them before closing the lid. The hard sides of the container keep the leafy greens from being crushed, while the paper towels absorb moisture for up to almost 10 days.


storage hacks to keep vegetables fresh

As a final word of advice, skip the hacks that involve soaking in water since water-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin B and C, present in the vegetables are lost to the water during this process. In the case that soaking is required, do not throw away the water that is used to soak the vegetables. Instead, use the soaking water for cooking.

And there you have it! We hope these storage hacks brought to you by Safe Select will help you keep your vegetables fresh for longer! Go ahead and buy yourself some fresh vegetables now so that you can try out these storage hacks firsthand! You can also avail of the promotion code NYMOREVEGGIES22 and get 100 PHP off your favorite vegetables! Promotion will run until the 23rd of January 2022 only so lettuce make the most out of this opportunity!