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9 Sneaky Tricks To Make Your Kids Enjoy Eating Fruits

Top view of assorted fruits


Are your kids picky with their food? Perhaps, they prefer foods that are sweet or salty? 

Foods that are high in sugar and salt are usually junk foods, so you might be struggling in preparing their meals.

But here’s a tip: not all sweets are junk foods. Fruits are high in sugar but are much healthier snacks than junk foods.

Since kids have an innate sweet tooth, fruits are more appealing to them and are more convenient alternatives to their unhealthy favorites. 

It takes a little bit of creativity and patience to make your kids eat more fruits. But don’t worry! If you’re struggling with creativity, read the following pointers that can make your kids enjoy eating fruits.  

Fruits with chocolate dip

Make a healthy "junk" food with fruits

Dark Chocolate-coated fruits. Instead of chocolate-coated marshmallows, melt some dark chocolates and dip fruits like berries, bananas, apples, and grapes. Add toppings like crushed pretzels and chopped nuts to complete the snack.

Frozen fruits. Leave berries (raspberry, blueberry and strawberry), grapes, and peaches in the freezer overnight, so your kids can snack on them in the morning. Either eat them as they are or mix them with yogurt, they’re excellent alternatives for popsicles.

Fruit salad in a bowl

Spotlight fruits in the side dish 

Fruit Salads. Make your salads kid-friendly by replacing the greens with colorful fruits. Add apples, grapes, berries, pears, peaches and tropical fruits like mangoes and rambutans in a bowl for a rainbow salad.

Coleslaw. Skip the old-school coleslaw by mixing some apples, pineapples, cranberries and grapes in your recipe, so kids can enjoy it too.

Salsa. Try something new by pairing cinnamon crisps with a salsa made of apples, melons, strawberries and raspberries. 

Red fruits pie

Seal the deal with fruit desserts

Pies. Popular pies for kids are made of apples. Try baking pies with fruits like bananas, peaches, berries, and mangoes. You can either combine some of these fruits in one pie or just bake a pie with one kind of fruit. 

Roasted. Veggies are not the only ones roasted for side dishes. Try also roasting fruits like raspberries, peaches and plums in the oven as they make a perfectly sweet yet healthy dessert.

Pudding. Whether sweet or savory, made of milk or fruit juice, pudding is a good choice for dessert. You can either mix the fruit in the pudding or make a pudding out of fruits like persimmon, passion fruit, pear, apple, berry and plum.

Smoothie. Light, refreshing and energizing, fruit smoothies are easily loved by kids. Almost all fruits can be used for smoothies, and depending on your mood, you can have a sweet or tart one. 

Fresh fruits in a market stall

Looking for fresh fruits?

As you might know, fruits in the groceries tend to be stored and displayed on the shelves for days. Hence, they can’t really be labeled as freshly picked

Perhaps, now you’re thinking that the best place to get the freshest fruits is the palengke. And you’re right! 

Fruits in the palengke are sold fresh since they are not stored and are restocked with new batches in the morning.

But going to the palengke may come with a bit of a hassle. 

Hate going to the palengke? 

If you’re one of the many who don't have time to go to the palengke and find the place uncomfortable because it can be wet, smelly and loud, you’re not alone! But there’s no need to give up getting palengke-fresh fruits for your family. 

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