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4 Reasons Why Wise Moms Only Buy Seafood From The Palengke

A woman buying fresh seafood at the wet market 

Curious why wise moms always and only shop seafoods in the palengke? 

They say mothers know best, so we asked a few of them why they prefer shopping at the palengke. 

Check out their answers below — they might be the sign you’re looking for.

A hand pointing at fresh fishes

“Of course in the palengke, seafood is sold fresh, not frozen.” 

As you may know, the freshest seafood is offered in the palengke. You can always get the freshest seafood and other essentials in the palengke as long as you know how to pick them.

Fresh seafood is healthier and tastes better than frozen ones. Since seafoods easily spoil, their natural juiciness only lasts when they are fresh. 

A vendor selling different kinds of fish in the market

“In the palengke, there’s a stock of seafood coming in everyday, so they’re always fresh.”

Seafood in the palengke is sourced every morning.

Because they are consistently fresh, the palengke is known as the gold standard of freshness.

A selection of different fishes

“You have a lot of options to choose from.”

The more, the merrier, right? 

Whatever seafood you are looking for, you can always get more than one kind of it. For instance, if you’re looking for prawns, then there will surely be more than one stall that sells it. 

By having a wide selection of products, you can compare the seafoods and pick the one best for you and your family.

Fresh fish sold at the market

“You can find rare items.”

From your usual grocery list to native seafood whose name you’re not familiar with, the palengke is like a treasure trove. 

There are always gems of rare items — most of which are not always available in your local grocery store — in every corner, and discovering them can feel like an adventure on the side.

A vendor deboning fresh fish


We won’t deny it, the palengke is known for many things — both good and bad. 

The Palengke may not be the most comfortable place with its wet floors, pungent odor, and crowded areas, but you can definitely get the freshest and widest selection of seafood here.

With all the benefits you can get in the palengke, it’s no wonder why many moms prefer it. 

What if I don’t like going to the palengke but still want fresh seafood?

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