Free delivery on all orders above ₱4000. | Next-day delivery cut-off is at 7:30PM.

Feb Delivery Schedule

Heads up!

We will be having limited deliveries on some weeks of February due to company events.

No deliveries on:

- Feb 9-10

- Feb 18

- Feb 23

Limited delivery slots (and will cut off as soon slots fill) on:

- Feb 8

- Feb 11-13

- Feb 17

- Feb 19-22

Limited item categories on:

- Feb 24-28

Non-essential categories (deli, nuts & snacks, shabu-shabu, Eat Fresh, dried herbs, and shellfish) will not be available on limited delivery & item category days. For a complete shopping experience, we highly encourage you to order before or after the mentioned dates. 

To compensate, we will be giving free delivery for all orders for the rest of February, just input the code FEBDELIVERY to avail.

We hope you can adjust your orders accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patronage!