Your Guide to Making Cute Japanese Fruit Sandos

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Your Guide to Making Cute Japanese Fruit Sandos


Three Japanese Fruit Sandwich on a plate

Fruits on cakes are nothing new, but have you tried fruits in your sandwiches? 

Of course we’re not talking about the fruit jam that you pair with peanut butter but some fresh slices of fruits in between breads. 

It may sound unfamiliar to the Western palate, but this sandwich is a must-try especially if you’re looking for a twist in your usual sandwich.

The fruit sandwich or fruit sando is a popular sandwich originating in the streets of Japan. 

They’re known for their stylish, cute and delectable presentation with some fresh and brightly colored fruits in the filling. They are healthy, easy to eat, and can be eaten anytime of the day whether as a snack or a dessert.

As cute as it looks, the Japanese fruit sandwich does not disappoint because it’s famous for being fluffy and bursting with that sweet juice. 

But making a perfectly good sandwich can be a hit or miss, so here’s 5 rules that you should know when preparing the best fruit sandwich.

A basket of sliced bread and a pitcher of milk

Rule #1: The right bread will come a long way

Right off the bat, we’re starting with the fundamentals of making the perfect fruit sandwich. You can’t call a sandwich “sandwich” if there’s no bread that holds the filling. 

We usually overlook the type of bread that we use in our sandwich, but this is actually very important to make our snack taste better.

For fruit sandwiches, the ideal breads are thick slices of shokupan or Japanese milk bread. 

The thick slices will do a good job in holding up the filling. Plus, the creamy and fruity fillings in a fruit sandwich is best paired with the softness of Japanese milk bread.

Spreading a jam on a slice of bread

Rule #2: Hack it with a jam

The fillings in a fruit sandwich are made up of whipped cream and your choice of fruits. Whipped cream melts at room temperature, so it tends to make the bread soggy over time. 

The golden rule is to add an extra layer of jam on the side of the bread that will come in contact with the whipped cream. The jam will keep your bread from absorbing the liquid in the whipped cream.

A bowl of whipped cream and other ingredients

Rule #3: Make life easier with chilled whipped cream

Fruit sandwiches make use of thickened whipped cream. 

A chilled cream will be easier to whip and stabilize. Hence, storing the whipped cream in the fridge for a couple of hours before using it will definitely make life easier for you.

Fresh fruits

Rule #4: Pick ‘em fresh n juicy

In the language of a sandwich, the filling is everything. It’s the deal breaker, and it will determine if your sandwich is a success or a failure. 

For fruit sandwiches, no matter how perfect your whipped cream or bread is, if the fruits are too ripe, taste bland or not fresh at all then your sandwich is doomed to fail. 

This emphasizes the importance of making sure that the fruits you’ll be using in your sandwich are the freshest and ripe to perfection.

Fresh fruits are naturally juicy and sweet, and it’s certainly the highlight of Japanese Fruit Sandos.

If it’s your first attempt at a fruit sando, you can try making one with just a single fruit such as strawberry, orange and kiwi, or you can use all three fruits in one sandwich. 

While these fruits were the common fillings in fruit sandos, you can also experiment with other fruits like bananas, berries, peaches, passion fruits and mangos.  

Four slices of Japanese fruit sandwiches on a plate

Rule #5: Cut with style

The last rule for making the perfect fruit sandwich is simply cutting the sandwich the right way.

Japanese fruit sandwiches are popular not only because they taste great but also because they look cute and appetizing. 

The way they are presented features the colorful, fresh fruits that are usually cut in different shapes. 

Hence, if you’re cutting your sandwich diagonally, you should also place the fruits in a diagonal line. This way, the fruits such as strawberries or kiwis will be cut in cute shapes.

2 slices of fruit sandwiches on a plate

Ready to grab a bite?

Well, you can’t make a good meal without good ingredients. 

Beside the milk bread and the whipped cream, the star of the show are the fruits.

You’ll need to be picky when buying your chosen fruits in your sando, so you can enjoy this sweet, delightfully refreshing snack.

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