Leveled-Up Lumpia: Flavor-bursting Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Roll Recipe

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Leveled-Up Lumpia: Flavor-bursting Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Roll Recipe

Tuna and Sashimi rolls with Japanese soy sauce


A bowl of greens is a healthy meal, but it’s not always a hearty meal. Good thing, this leveled-up lumpia is loaded with more nutrients and flavor.

Although sashimi is a classic Japanese dish, this salmon and tuna sashimi roll delightfully tastes close to home. As Filipinos, we are known for our love for spring rolls, so you can think of this dish similar to the classic fresh spring rolls or lumpiang sariwa — only with a twist since the tuna and salmon used as fillings are served fresh. 

Sliced tuna and salmon sashimi roll in a glass bowl

This 30-minute recipe can fill your tummy and boost your immune system at the same time. What's more, this tuna and salmon sashimi roll recipe is an upgrade from your usual pork or shrimp-filled lumpiang sariwa. Unlike the original lumpiang sariwa, this recipe is also easier to prepare and absolutely needs no cooking!

Adding to the uniqueness of this healthy meal is the subtle taste of the raw fish; any good quality salmon and tuna would have a mild fishy flavor and a tender texture. There’s also the buttery taste from the avocado while the greens in the roll will give you a crunchy experience altogether. Perfect for any occasion as a snack or a complete meal, you won’t regret trying this tuna and salmon sashimi roll recipe.

Sliced fresh tuna on the left and salmon on the right

Health Check Corner

Salmon is rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that protects the heart and brain, manages blood pressure, keeps your bones strong and decreases risk factors for disease.  

Tuna is a good source of iron, healthy fats, and vitamins that boosts your immune system, improves blood circulation, protects your vision and reduces health risks.

Have the salmon and tuna fresh and clean to get the most benefits out of them!

sliced ingredients for the tuna and salmon sashimi roll



To prepare the sashimi roll, you need the following ingredients:


Pair your sashimi roll with this savory dip:

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Note: serving is good for 2-3 people


You can make the sashimi roll by following these easy instructions:

  1. Slice the tuna, salmon, avocado, lettuce, and cabbage lengthwise.
  2. Dip the rice paper wrapper in the bowl of lukewarm water for 30-40 seconds to soften it.
  3. Line up the ingredients horizontally on the center of the rice paper wrapper.
  4. Cover the filling with the bottom end of the rice paper wrapper then gently and tightly roll it. 
  5. Cut the rolled sashimi according to your desired thickness.
  6. For the sauce, mix the Japanese soy sauce, chopped chives and sesame seeds together.
  7. Serve and enjoy a healthy and hearty meal!

Not only your taste buds but also your immune system will definitely thank you for this nutritious tuna and salmon sashimi roll. Whether you’ll enjoy it alone or you’ll share it with your loved ones, it’s never a bad idea to try recipes that are healthy, hearty and pleasing to your palate. 

Getting there...

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