Must-Try Healthy Food-spirations for a New Me this Fruit-full New Year

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Must-Try Healthy Food-spirations for a New Me this Fruit-full New Year

round fruits


We are certain that you have new year’s resolutions, and we would love to share ours with you too! A fresh start to try new things. Explore different flavors and tastes.

Look no further because here at Safe Select, we have got a variety of fruits for you and your family to try this New Year for a #freshfruiture! These round fruits are perfect for that extra boost of good luck throughout the year, and what better kind of luck than one that promotes a healthy mind and body!


dragon fruit, mangosteen, and peach


  • Dragon Fruit. 🐉 This exotic, fiery fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and prebiotics that boost your immunity, help control blood sugar levels, as well as promote good bacteria growth (probiotics) to fight disease-causing bacteria and help with digestion.

  • Mangosteen. Do not let its name fool you, because it tastes nothing like a mango! This fruit is known for its potential anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-aging, and anti-diabetic effects coupled with healthy skin maintenance and immunity-boosting benefits.

  • Peach. 🍑 Known to be a sweet and juicy fruit, it is no wonder if the peach has started gaining popularity as a fan favorite. More than just its pleasant taste, it also contributes to healthy digestion, helps protect the skin, and may improve heart health, prevent certain cancers, as well as reduce allergic symptoms.

  • Plum. 🍎 Plums are more commonly known for their dried counterparts called prunes. They are known to boost heart health in terms of reducing the risk of stroke as well as managing high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These fruits also contain antioxidants in their peels that help protect the body from cell damage that may cause cancer.

  • Chico. 👦🏻 These round, little, golden fruits are perfect for your chicos (Spanish for “little boys”)! Their health benefits include boosting heart health in terms of managing high blood pressure, preventing constipation, strengthening bones, nurturing hair, and contributing to the health of the eyes.

  • Longgan. This fruit is known to grow in clusters just like grapes and even has a gelatinous texture that slightly resembles grapes. They are known for their anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting benefits. Longgans may also help manage anemia, maintain young and glowing skin, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as help with insomnia.

plum, chico, and longgan

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Just as one would welcome the start of the year with a New Year celebration, we welcome the start of our day with a celebratory feast of its own—better known as breakfast.

fruit jams for breakfast

  • Fruit Jams. Looking for a way to spice up your family’s breakfast without all the fuss? Fruit Jams are a great way to do so! All you need is some berries and to take your pick between citrus fruits like a lemon or lime. Mix and heat these ingredients together to whip up a batch of your next go-to breakfast topping. Whether spread on toast or swirled in a bowl of oatmeal, you’re sure to have a berry blast!

blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry jam recipes

  • Fruit Smoothies. Want a quick fix for when you are in a hurry? Whip up this hassle-free Dragon Fruit and Mango creamy smoothie that you can slurp on the go!


But wait, there is more! Breakfast is not the only meal of the day that you can spice up with fruits! Here are other creative ways to incorporate fruits into your child’s daily meals to ensure that they get the nutrients their growing bodies need!


Check out the photos below to get the full recipes for Banana Pancakes, Tropical Fruit Sorbets, or Avocado Brownies! Introducing your children’s favorite snacks made healthier!

banana pancakes, avocado brownies, and fruit sorbet recipes


immunity-boosting citrus grazing board

As we venture into a new year, it also marks the start of a new battle between humanity and the coronavirus. And as we start this transition, we cannot avoid leaving the comfort of our own homes—so here is a fun outdoor idea for you and your kids to enjoy while practicing social distancing and al fresco dining. Grab a picnic basket and pack these immunity-boosting ingredients for a fruit grazing board fit for the new normal!

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We hope these food-spirations will help you start the year fresh and encourage you to make the switch to a healthier #NewMe this fruit-full New Year #withSafeSelect!