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[TEST] What Our Suki's Are Saying About Us

Discover what our suki's say about their fresh food shopping experiences with us! ūüíö

Discover how Safe Select transformed Kelly Misa's culinary adventures with premium Palengke-Fresh produce and unparalleled convenience! 


"Everything's fresh and quality is really good. I checked out your website and saw that you have most of the items that my dad likes. And the best thing about it is that it will get to him fresh, unlike when I order it in the supermarket. That's why I was happy when I discovered Safe Select. It's much better than buying in the supermarket."
- Geraldine 

"So far I am happy with my experience with Safe Select, both in terms of the quality of service as well as the ordered goods. They arrived fresh on the promised delivery date and time. They were also properly packed (e.g., the baby squid was well wrapped such that it didn't stain at all the other seafoods that came with it in the plastic bag with ice). Well done!"
- Marietta

"It was my first time to order and definitely won't be my last. I like that you have a wide selection of vegetables, a lot of which I couldn't find in other online groceries. Overall it was a good experience."
- Icon
"It was a great first time experience ordering from you! I only placed my order last night and got it already this morning. Thank you, Safe Select!"
- Maritess

"I had a pleasant experience with Safe Select. Website was easy to use, the delivery was timely, and your customer care communications are good. Most important, the vegetables were accurately weighed and fresh. Thank you!"
- Alzeena

"For my first order, I'm satisfied. The veggies were fresh, the fish were also fresh and gutted and the meats were also fresh. Everything in order and the delivery guy even put the fish in a styro box."
- Annie

"I was very happy with my order. Ordering was easy and the delivery was efficient. For the amount I paid, I think I got my moneys worth, if not more. So definitely ordering again."
- Gian 

"Thank you for the fresh fruits, veggies and seafood that you’ve delivered. It was a swift transaction and was delivered quickly as well. The goods look fresh and of good quality as well."
- Lea G.

"Goods were delivered fresh and sealed. It's also great that I was given a link to check the status of the deliver especially while it was in transit."
- Joyce

"Your online store was really a big help! It made shopping for fruits and vegetable not commonly seen in the grocery easy. I wish I knew sooner. The fresh produce did not disappoint!"
- Ezra

"I'm pleased with the ordering experience and the wide variety of choices. The items were fresh when they arrived this morning."
- Mikey

"I'm very satisfied with my order! All the products were well picked & handled. The delivery man was very courteous. I will definitely order again."
- Rafael

"The fruits, vegetables, and seafood that I received were all fresh! My parents were happy with the purchase!"
- Paulene L.

"We got them in good order and within the indicated timeframe, thanks so much! We were very happy with the quality of the items that we got. Will definitely order again."
- Kristine


"Good selection of fruits and vegetables online. One of my orders wasn't available but I was informed about it. Having next day delivery was nice. The quality of fruits and vegetables was good."
- Kara

"Thank you, Safe Select! It's my first time to order here and all I can say is your service was so so good! And most especially the fruits came so presentable and fresh! Will surely order again! Thank you again!"
- Jem

"I was surprised by the size of the ponkan and how easy it was to peel. Will definitely order again."
- Beatrice

"Papayas were so yummy! I'm obsessed!"
- Carla

"Quality fruits and veggies. Highly recommended!"
- Rachel C.


"You guys have the freshest produce I've seen from an online market. All the leaves look really nice you even have a wider selection of herbs. Glad I found you! Thanks for the great service!"
- Meggie

"I am especially impressed about the quality of the vegetables. The lettuce is crispy. The indian mango is bigger than the average size and I like that they're ripe. The eggplants were plump. All in all, I love the quality of the veggies. I will definitely order again."
- Leggo

"I was so happy to be able to buy the usbong ng sampaloc leaves from Safe Select! A rare find!!!"
- Jennifer

"They're so fresh and vibrant!"
- Khristine


"Our cook loves the freshness of the meats and seafood. Better than the usual grocery frozen food items."
- Gaye

"I loved the meats!!! Looks good and fresh. I already ate the chicken wings. They're big, I love them!" 
- Stacy

"I love it that the fish was already cleaned! They’re fresh, too. I am from Navotas so I was really worried I won’t get fresh seafood. But I did!"
- Erize L.

"I applaud you for shipping the fish in ice, not every grocer does that!"
- Maria

"I’m a regular customer, would order weekly. I love Safe Select's seafood, the salmon slab and tuba belly are fresh and the fruits are well picked. Happy with their overall service!"
- Anna B.

"It was a pleasant experience. I love that you already cleaned the fishes ahead because it saved time. I would definitely be a repeat customer."
- Marie

"I just shuck the oysters and ate some fresh. They're quite big and really fresh and delicious, my wife and I really enjoyed them. We'll make Rockefeller out of the rest as the kids like them that way. Really appreciate the early delivery. Until next time!"
- Ferdie

"Got my orders.. Thanks as always.. Fresh and prompt delivery! Made Kilawin using the items I received today.. yummy!"
- Rory

"My mom enjoyed the bangus which we grilled in the banana leaves, and the lato. We'll definitely order again. It's also easy to order using your system."
- Anna

"The tuna steaks were quite huge and the thickness of slices is just right."
- Kara

"I made another order. I like the size of the pampano, enjoyed the freshness of all the seafood."
- Jeanette

"Fresh tanigue and good quality fruits! Will definitely order again. Thank you!"
- Roselle


"I appreciate the professional and friendly team - prompt responses to my query, their veggies were fresh and clean. Seafood (I ordered salmon steak and suahe) arrived wrapped safely in cling-wrap with ice."

- Tina D.

 "I was very impresed with the speed and the quality! I thought my order would come after 2-3 days but they all came the next morning! I checked and everything was complete, and all very good quality! Highly recommended!"
- Aimee K.


"The experience was great. You made everything convenient for online shopping. The payment especially the delivery. Also liked the quality of the products! 'Till the next transaction! Thanks!"
- Angelica

"5 out of 5 stars! The site is very easy to use, the checkout as well! I am happy that you have a credit card payment which is a total plus for me. And the variety of options that I rarely see in other markets are available in safe select! My heart is happy!" 
- Gaylene

"Ordered late but they were able to accommodate my order to be delivered the next day. The fruits and vegetables I got were fresh and nice too!"
- Diana E.

 "I appreciate that they respond to messages and answers questions patiently. The ordered items are fresh."
- Khristine C.

"Thank you so much! We are happy with the quality, fast and hassle free processing, and customer service. Will definitely order from you again."
- Faye

"Very efficient ordering system and very accommodating. Excellent service and delivery time!"
- Joiee W.

"Buying process was simple, delivery quick, the fruits and veggies look good."
- Camille

"It was a very smooth transaction and everything was in good condition, so I think it was a great experience for my first order"
- Aileen

"Easy to place an order and the delivery was fast. I already had the tuna and watercress for lunch. Thank you."
- Lea